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9 Reasons to Quit Soft Drinks

Dr. Chukwudi Agabu
1. Obesity. Regular consumption of soft drinks makes you fat. A 12 oz Coke a day for a year will add 18 pounds to your weight compared to water consumption!
2. Tooth decay. Slowly sipping on cola, iced tea, or a sports drink coats your teeth with sugar, phosphoric acid, malic acid and/or citric acid. These compounds directly damage tooth enamel.
3. Money. A family of 4 can save  Nsoft-drinks2500 by switching to water monthly.
4. Taste. Soft drinks diminish the taste of food. Of course, if you define food as a quickie meal at any fast food restaurant, there’s not much to detract from, but eat a decently prepared meal at home or at a good sit down restaurant, and you will not want to spoil the taste with sugary water.
5. Refined Sugars. High fructose corn syrup (or sugar) is the usually the #2 ingredient after water in soft drinks. For example, a standard single serve 12fl oz can of Coca Cola has the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar! If you drink one Coke a day for a year instead of water syou’ll have had 32 pounds of sugar!
6. Artificial sweeteners. OK, they have been approved, but enough studies have suggested that some artificial sweeteners may cause cancer. Until the scientists sort this out, why take the risk?
7. Artificial Colors. Yellow #5 (Tartrazine), present in Mountain Dew, has been linked to hyperactivity in children.
8. Ecology. Billions of empty plastic bottles and cans are contaminating the earth. Recycling barely touches the tip of the iceberg.
9. What’s your reason to quit?

4 responses on "9 Reasons to Quit Soft Drinks"

  1. i quit laCasera years ago was literally like drinking acid . i have a goal to take more water than soft drinks but not sure i can completely stop

  2. True story!! But they are so addictive though! Especially that demon COCA-COLA (Coke)…
    However, i need to quit, especially for reason Number 1. Obesity is an absolute NO-NO….
    Nice piece ?

  3. I quit because of number 5. Living healthy is the goal now. Nice write up.

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