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I was lost in my excitement in the barber’s shop up until a sharp blow hit me at the back of my neck…
I turned back in fury determined to retaliate when I stood face to face with my Mom.
Slap Mama Tobi? I dare not even dare it.
I was tongue-tied at that point.
She had sent me to get her a sachet of salt, as the kitchen’s stock had been exhausted and she’d soon start fixing dinner. A Journey of no more than 10 minutes had mommy wait for an additional 45.
I’m sure you’d be itching to know what kept me. Of course I’d let it out.
PlayStation 2.
Yes, PS2.
It wassuch that while I went to get the salt, I made my first branch to the shop. Then, I was still in my right senses as I didn’t stay long before I left for my real destination. However, on my way back, ‘’the goddess of the PS2’’ stood at the door of the Barber’s shop and I found her irresistible.
And so I entered. And imagine, I wasn’t even playing.I was watching others play. Till I got lost in the excitement until mom’s slap restored me back to factory settings.
But that and the punishment that followed notwithstanding, my love for the game waxed stronger. School closed by 3, and home should be some 30 minutes later, but the earliest we returned (my immediate younger brother also got initiated by me) was 2 hours. Yes please, we spent our transport fares on PS and then trek home, giving mom all sorts of cock and bull stories.
Mehn… It got even sweeter when I got a PC. I didn’t need a gamepad to be available before I could play, as I am very proficient with the keyboard’s controls too. I also evolved from Winning eleven 8, to Winning eleven 9, to Pro Evolution soccer (PES) 13, to EA Sports FIFA 13, then FIFA 14. I then decided to stick with FIFA, as I didn’t fancy later updates of the PES.
I smile in nostalgia now, but then, I still feel very strongly towards the game as it was back then. It was even stronger when I got to medical school and realized that some of the game’s best players are even medical students.
Not even exams can stop us, and after exams… Oh my! It doesn’t matter the classes of the players involved, as a junior in 200l can so beat his senior in 600l such that the 600l guys would warn the younger mate to take it easy because the senior guy won’t forget and would take his pound of flesh later in life, as a registrar required to sign the logbook of the junior guy who would also be in a senior class then.
Such is the joy of the PlayStation, and I don’t think our relationship would be ending anytime soon.
If you are up for a challenge, you can let me know.


November 10, 2017

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